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Social Media Management & Marketing Services  
I am unique in my skill set in that I also specialize in writing content for Social Media Management and marketing applications.  Social media is a presence that is here to stay and is an invaluable communications tool for your company.  Maximizing your time is of the utmost importance; I can streamline your social media loop, establish a solid, dynamic, interesting presence and interact with your customers in various social media formats. This will increase public awareness of your brand, build confidence and create that personal touch and communication that will ensure repeat traffic to your website or brick and mortar business location.  I also offer comprehensive 3-day Social Media Training packages if you prefer to keep management of your social media presence in-house.

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What can I do for your organization?
The answer is that I can work with you at any stage of your project, either from Day One and zero existing content to culmination of your project, or anywhere in between.  I have many times picked up a contracted job that another writer had to abandon mid-stream, and provided a cohesive resolution to the whole project for the client.  Sometimes real life situations crop up that cause interruptions of this nature, and I have worked very hard to build a reputation as being the “Go To Writer” in these circumstances.  I enjoy challenges and feel that I can approach any project at any stage of completion and slip seamlessly into the dynamic of said project to achieve the final goal.

What does a social media writer do?
We represent you on a daily basis with your customers in such formats as Facebook, Twitter, blogging and more.  Social media is an opportunity to establish a much more one-on-one basis, encouraging immediate feedback, dialog and interaction.  If you are a restaurant entity, social media allows you to post immediate, day to day comments on your walls to communicate with your customers.  You can post daily specials, coupons, and connect the whole media loop in with blogging to create excitement and interest.  If you are a sales based entity, these same concepts apply, with the bonus being that you can manage your daily posts to create excitement about your specific product(s).  If you are a charitable organization, you can manage your social media presence to keep the public informed of upcoming events to raise awareness and funds for your organization.

The benefits of social media are just now being understood as to how valuable a marketing tool they can be, and these benefits will continue to grow. Working with an experience creative writer with strong Social Media Management skills can give your public profile that extra edge in today’s competitive market.
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