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As a freelance creative and technical writer with 15 years of experience, I am confident in my ability to adapt to a wide range of industries, writing applications and projects.  Many companies have had to make the choice to downsize and do away with in-house technical writing staff.  As a freelance technical writer, I can adjust to your project timeline, work remotely, onsite or a combination of both, and still save you money in the long run.  It isn’t so much a question of why you need a technical writer on call; it is a question of when you will need a technical writer. I am here; ready to work with you on your next contract.

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What can I do for your organization?
The answer is that I can work with you at any stage of your project, either from Day One and zero existing content to culmination of your project, or anywhere in between. I have many times picked up a contracted job that another writer had to abandon mid-stream, and provided a cohesive resolution to the whole project for the client. Sometimes real life situations crop up that cause interruptions of this nature, and I have worked very hard to build a reputation as being the “Go To Writer” in these circumstances. I enjoy challenges and feel that I can approach any project at any stage of completion and slip seamlessly into the dynamic of said project to achieve the final goal.

What does a technical writer do?
We make things make sense! Technical writing applies to all walks of life, all industries and all levels of corporate or small business enterprise. Someone has to make you look and sound good to the public eye and this is where a technical writer comes in. I possess a keen marketing mind along with my writing, editing and proofreading abilities and enjoy the process of working with graphic artists and creative minds in order to produce sharp, eye-catching, memorable marketing materials to promote the presence of your organization to your key markets. I am also conversant with technical writing as it applies to government documentation, research and varying writing style guides. Another strong skill set that I possess is writing instructional design, training modules and the like for software systems, for training seminars, sales manuals and script verbiage at a sales level.

What is the difference between editing and proofreading and why would I need both?
Editing is just what it sounds like – someone sitting down with your documents and going over them with an exacting, critical eye. I will look for, and spot, common errors such as grammar, syntax, punctuation, spelling and sentence structure, as well as critique the overall message your document is trying to convey. There is also the often overlooked and very important matter of the “balance” of your document or marketing piece. Does it appear centered on the page as it has been printed? Is the color balance clear and crisp? Does the marketing message fit your company’s Unique Selling Proposition or can that message be improved upon? Is there an overall sense of “flow”, or continuity to the document?

Proofreading is a sister to editing, in that it is more of the same. This is the final stage before your document goes to print and is disseminated to your employees, colleagues, clients and the public. Once again, I use what has been called my “Evil Eye of Editing” to spot any minute errors or glitches that might otherwise mar the final product. Quite frequently I am hired specifically to come in and do final editing and proofreading, because I have built a reputation as being the person who catches more errors than anyone ever realized existed in a given document. This exacting nature can save your company money, which is obviously important, but it also can save you a smudge on your reputation within your industry on a community level – it is important to produce pristine, immaculate, error-free documents and marketing materials. This clean presentation promotes confidence in your company and I can provide this service for you.

Website Proofreading and Editing is what I consider to be a silent monster in the industry, as it is constantly overlooked by the Powers That Be within any organization. It is vital that your website be error free!!! Many times in the past, I have been hired specifically to “police” the text and general layout of websites for various clients. I know from my own experience that a technical writer can produce perfect copy, yet once it has been handed off to the IT people to place on your website, bizarre things can occur. This is where I come in and spot those odd little errors that crop up in the transfer process, ensuring that your website represents your company in the best manner possible. Your home page and website as a whole communicate who you are to the world – why not hire the best person to guarantee an error free final product?

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